We should all be so lucky…

Our little family of four just returned from 2 wonderful days in Bartlett, NH, visiting with my dear friend Melissa, her parents, and her family.  Melissa and I have been friends, soulmates even, since I can remember. To say we grew up together doesn’t seem to fully encompass our friendship. We’ve been a part of each other’s lives in every way possible, we’ve laughed, played, explored, shared, fought, made up, cried, competed, and loved our way through life.  She is the person I can call who will understand and validate my feelings like few others. As kids, I spent so much time at her house that I actually had my own room!  Her mom and dad treated me like their 4th child-and still do.  We should all be so lucky to have a friend like this.  It was like going home this weekend. We caught up, watched our children play, and binge-played cribbage.  It was perfect and I miss them all already.  Here are some pictures from the weekend.  I really hope we all get together again soon!


Poor Parker was the girls’ dress-up doll

jerome2 jerome3

A hike to Diana’s Bath

jerome4 jerome5 jerome6 jerome7

Did someone say cheese?

jerome8 jerome10 jerome11

Salads taste so much better when someone else makes them!  Thanks, Melis!


Hi Rol!


Cribbage and water in an 80’s Pepsi glass

jerome14 jerome15 jerome16

Griff & Amelia playing so well together!

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  1. Thanks Katrine! We so appreciate that you guys made the trek up! I loved spending time with you!!

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