And then he turned 2…

Our sweet boy turned 2 yesterday!!  In some ways, it seems like no time has passed and yet life before Griffin seems like ages ago.  Here are a few things to know about Griffin at age 2:

  • He was born 10 days early, on a rainy Saturday in Boston
  • He weighed only 5 lbs., 7 oz.IMG_4191
  • His first word was Dada
  • He is curious but cautious, sweet, smart, silly, and loving
  • He hid his eye drops for pink eye down his pants!
  • He adores his baby brother
  • He loves cars, trucks, balls, Elmo, his loveys, and clocks
  • His favorite foods are raspberries, grapes, yogurt, and cheese
  • He has strong gross and fine motor skills
  • He interested in how things work
  • His favorite people are his Dad, Wes, and his grandfathers, Opa, and Pappa
  • He climbed out of his crib, with his sleepsack on…once
  • He loves to be outside
  • He can be very mischievous


2 Days Old with his Oma


5 Months Old


20 Months Old with his brother

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  1. He hid the eye drops? This kid is going somewhere! (I love also that you mention his strong motor skills. Once a therapist…)

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