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In my attempt to post 3 times weekly, I thought I’d make Friday a little bit more fun. I’ll share products, ideas, and thoughts that I’ve come across each week. Please share some of your own in the comments! After all-sharing is caring. 🙂


This is the Fitbit Charge HR.  I purchased one a few weeks ago from Amazon and am SO happy I did.  I previously had an UP by Jawbone and became very disappointed with it.  Namely-it wouldn’t count my steps if my arm wasn’t swinging.  And let’s face it, I am pushing a stroller or grocery cart a lot these days. Returning home from an hour-long walk while pushing an extra 60 lbs. only to find out you didn’t get credit?  NOT COOL.  The Fitbit Charge HR gives you credit based on your elevated heart rate.  And for that, I’ll always be loyal.  It easily syncs to an app on your phone, so you can check on things like average heart rate, floors climbed, and calories burned throughout the day.  You can also input your food intake and target weight and it will determine how many calories you should be consuming per day.  It’s been a very fun new toy and it’s motivating for sure!


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Oh, Lula Clips, how I love thee.  My sister Britt introduced me to these magnetic carseat clips and they are so handy.  They hold the straps of a carseat open so you can easily locate them and fix them into place.  No more digging for straps under your child’s behind  when you are in a time crunch!  Plus, they are a great conversation starter.  Just sayin’.  (PS-that’s not my child, but he’s adorable!)


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Thanks to my wonderful friend Jen, I’ve been reading Child of Mine on and off for the past year and a half.  Now that I have a 2-year-old who has very specific opinions when it comes to food, this book is more valuable than ever.  The premise is that I, as the parent, decide the what, where, and when of mealtime, while the child decides the whether and how much.  So far, I’ve found that it has all but eliminated the battles over eating and it keeps me from making more than one meal at a time.  Win!  My hope is that this approach will encourage intuitive eating, a skill that I continue to work on daily.



Rebecca Hersher


My mom ran a small in-home daycare while I was growing up and Becky was one of my favorite “daycare sisters.”  She is a fun, wise, and determined young lady who, after graduating from Harvard, now works as a producer for National Public Radio.  Her reporting is tremendous and we are so proud of her.  I literally squeal when I hear her distinctive voice come on the radio.  She recently spent the winter in Greenland, reporting on their high rates of suicide.  Click here to check out her work. Way to go, Beck!


*I have no affiliation with any of the products mentioned here and all opinions are mine alone.

15 Replies to “Fun Friday Finds”

  1. Yay! My favorite products right now are

    1. Dr Fedorenko bug stick to keep mosquitos and ticks at bay
    2. The Gift of Imperfections by Brene Brown
    3. Ilia organic cosmetics
    4. Lularoe leggings
    5. Diffusing Young Living Lavendar oil

  2. Really enjoyed this blog, I want you to know that you will always have a benifit from pushing a carriage with babies, even if your wristband does not give you credit. I also liked to listen to Becky’s piece from Greenland, and felt great joy to finally hear an American that could pronounce Arctic correctly.

    1. Seriously, they are amazing. Not sure they warrant another pregnancy, but that’s for you youngins to decide. 🙂

  3. So the Fitbit measures heart rate? I bet one could get credit for watching an exciting movie…with popcorn…and maybe ice cream.

    1. Thanks for sharing this book with Katrine, Jen! She told me about it a few weeks ago and I have been trying it out with my 3-year-old since then. I love the premise and really appreciate no longer putting pressure on myself to make sure she finishes every bite. If she’s hungry, she will eat!

  4. A few of my favorite products these days…
    (Because I’m back in baby mode)
    1. Bamboo pjs – they are so soft and snuggly, plus they stretch to fit quickly growing baby bodies! *added bonus if they have feet and fold over to cover sharp baby fingernails.
    2. Plum Island Soap Co. Baby Balm – a friend gave me this when I had Olive 3 years ago and it has turned out to be such a well-used and versatile gift! I put it on my own hands during the winter when they are dry and cracked from too much washing, and it is also great for dry baby skin including cradle cap and face/body dryness. Sensitive enough for newborn faces and smells good to boot! (Mine is lavender vanilla scent).
    3. Tommee Tippee bibs – these are the best! They have a ring of foam that hugs the neck so milk or spit-up won’t soak into clothing. My girls are spitters and these bibs have been a godsend!
    4. The Windi! – this is a tool used to relieve gas in babies. Google how it works if you want to know. 😉 Let me just say, we wouldn’t have made it through the last three months without it!
    5. Hell or High Watermelon beer by 21st Amendment Brewery (that’s baby related, right?!?). Let’s face it, all parents need a break from time to time… This is a tasty excuse for one!

  5. I so much enjoy your blog, Katrine… also makes me laugh at times,…very entertaining and great tips too…..
    As you know , I am not the cook so that brown rice sound GREAT!

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